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The Next Gen Collectors

The Next Gen Collectors are those young art collectors who redefine the scene as they develop their tastes and approaches to art. In this talk, members of this generation with a diverse set of backgrounds will discuss their ideas and motivations behind their passion and collections. In today’s art market, young collectors have established themselves as important players; their buying power has been crucial in helping the global art market survive the pandemic. Moreover, they take a much broader perspective on what it means to be an art collector through crossing boundaries and mixing different categories into their collections. For them, collaborations and crossovers are the norms. That said, perhaps the most defining feature of this generation is how they are moving between the physical and the digital. As such, a number of questions arise: Who are the collectors founding the next art collections, preserving and developing existing (family) collections? Who are the figures who will influence the art world over the next few years? What sets them apart from previous generations? To address these questions and gain a deeper insight, Christoph Noe of Larry’s List brings three young collectors – Lu Xun, Adriano Pagani, and Hugo Roosjen – into a conversation to learn all about their collector journeys and what we can expect from the young collector scene moving forward. [Larry's List] (https://www.larryslist.com) is the leading art market knowledge company providing data, research and access to contemporary art collectors. The Larry’s List Art Collector Database contains over 3,500 profiles of art collectors from more than 70 countries – based on the most comprehensive research ever done on art collectors. The database provides information on private art collections including artists and artworks collected, collectors’ ranking positions, and their activities on the art market.

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Lu Xun

Lu Xun is a collector of contemporary Chinese and international art. In 2013, he founded the Sifang Art Museum designed by the renowned American architect Steven Holl. He worked closely with architects and artists to plan and commission more than 40 buildings and art installations in Nanjing’s Sifang Parklands. Lu currently sits on Tate Modern’s Acquisition Committee, advisory board of Fosun Foundation, Art Basel's Global Patrons Council and is a founding member of Delfina Foundation’s Asia-Pacific Patron group.

Adriano Pagani

As a trained philosopher, strategy consultant, and med-tech entrepreneur, Adriano Pagani grew up in Italy as the son of an art scholar with Bernini and Borromini as his childhood heroes. Drawn by his passion for figurative art he built in a few years a unique ultra-contemporary collection focused on identity Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) art in Milan. He started his collection scouting on Instagram, a place for him to get inspired and discover new talents and galleries.

Hugo Roosjen

Hugo Roosjen works in real estate investment. He is a collector that specializes in antique silver, Kunstkammer objects and Contempory art. As a Young Board Member of the Rembrandt Association (also represented at TEFAF Maastricht) Hugo advocates the need of contributing to the acquisition of important works for public collections.

Moderated by Christoph Noe (Larry's List)