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Thomas Struth: Ride, Anaheim 2013

The conversation between the artist Thomas Struth and art dealer Ben Frija will discuss the photograph Ride, Anaheim, California, that was created as part of a cluster of works that had been shot in Disneyland. Thomas Struth visited the theme park for the first time in 2009 to test its potential for a new body of work and returned in April 2013. Inspired by amusement parks in Europe, particularly the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, the theme park was built as the ultimate human-crafted environment. It opened its doors in 1955, and it is the only Disney theme park completed under the direct supervision of Walt Disney himself. In six panoramic views, Struth captures the archetypal site for the creation of cultural dreams and imagination, without any references to Disney icons or to the park’s crews, by instead focusing on real, plain landscapes.

Join on Sept. 13 here


Ben Frija

Founder, Galleri K

Thomas Struth

Photographer, best known for his Museum Photographs series,

Paul van den Biesen

Moderator on behalf of TEFAF