TM23 Alessandra Di Castro Alixe Lay 5

The Thrill of the Chase: Stories of Great Discoveries in Art

Three connoisseurs of contemporary collecting will share personal tales from their individual chases and what guidance they have for us all

TM23 Alessandra Di Castro Alixe Lay 5


Part of the pleasure of collecting is the hunt for your next grail: that almost-sacred piece which perfectly encapsulates your passion for a particular style of art, antiquities, or design, and which you will scour the ends of the Earth to find. Today, the chase has never been more competitive, with global hordes of fellow collectors racing one another to secure that limited-edition or one-of-one. While this search is evermore democratic, with internet access and technology providing anyone anywhere the opportunity to take part, it remains fraught with pitfalls, with provenance and authenticity concerns plaguing even the most discerning connoisseur.

How can collectors gain an edge in this dynamic era? What should they do to develop their connoisseurship and stay abreast of the competition? Who should they turn to for expert advice? In this panel, three connoisseurs of contemporary collecting, each approaching the field from a unique perspective—a provenance expert, an advisor, and a dealer—share personal stories from their individual chases and what lessons, and guidance, they have for us all.

TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions exploring today’s most fascinating topics in the worlds of art, antiques, and design. Paired with leading content partners, these talks showcase the knowledge of leading experts in the broader TEFAF community. This talk is presented in partnership with Artnet and moderated by Andrew Russeth, Editor, Artnet News Pro.

This TEFAF Talk took place at TEFAF Maastricht on Saturday, March 9, 2024.


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Andrew Russeth Editor, Artnet News Pro
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Megan Fox Kelly Principal, Megan Fox Kelly Art Advisory
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Dr. Jacques Schuhmacher Senior Provenance Research Curator supported by The Polonsky Foundation, Victoria & Albert Museum
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Will Elliott Colnaghi Elliott Master Drawings, Founder, Elliott Fine Art

Photo: Alexandra Di Castro's stand at TEFAF Maastricht 2023. Photo: Alixe Lay.