Willem Hussem 1900 1974 Painting VII 1958 oil on canvas 58 70 cm

Finding His Form: The Visual Vocabulary of Willem Hussem

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Dutch painter/poet Willem Hussem (1900–1974) continually experimented and produced highly diverse works of art, including paintings, drawings, and sculptures. A constant aspiration towards simplicity and purity underlies his entire oeuvre. This aspiration is closely connected with his need for clear systems of thought. It was in Hegel’s philosophy and Zen Bhuddism that he found the intellectual basis for the universalistic outlook on the world that would determine his thought and work.

The period 1958–1962 was a transformative period within Hussem’s practice and the development of his visual vocabulary. This coincided with one of the exhibition-highlights of his career: his representation of The Netherlands at the 1960 Venice Biennial. In these years, Hussem’s work became less dense and geometric elements started to float within the framework of the canvas—which would become his distinctive visual signature.


Jaring Dürst Britt founded, together with Alexander Mayhew, Dürst Britt & Mayhew in 2015. This internationally oriented The Hague-based gallery represents artists from different national and artistic backgrounds while also facilitating one-off collaborations in their Frontspace. Dürst Britt is currently a board member of the Dutch Gallery Association.

IMG 0663 Jaring Dürst Britt
Jaring Dürst Britt Director, Dürst Britt & Mayhew

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Image: Willem Hussem, Painting VII, 1958