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Celebrating One of the Great Abstract Painters: A Tribute to Carmen Herrera’s Legacy

Produced in partnership with Apollo Magazine, this panel looks at the story of Herrera’s rise to art world fame and the workings of museums and the market

TEFAF Talks are interactive panel discussions presented in collaboration with TEFAF’s partners to share knowledge and expertise.

Carmen Herrera (1915–2022) became recognized as an artist of international significance when she was 89 years old. The story of the Cuban-born, New York-based artist’s rise to art world fame is both wonderfully exciting and a reason to interrogate how museums and the market work and how we think about modernism in general. She was a mistress of color and form; each work vibrates with her dedication and consideration. What can we learn from Herrera’s career? How did her practice develop? What is the relationship between art and age? How do we celebrate a dedication to modernism in a post-modern time? And can we now celebrate her art for its own sake?


Alex Logsdail, Lisson Gallery

Iria Candela, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Tony Bechara, artist and close friend of Herrera

Edward Behrens, Apollo Magazine

This TEFAF Talk in partnership with Apollo Magazine was part of TEFAF New York 2022’s programming and recorded live on May 9, 2022.

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