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Living with Chinese Art with Vanderven Oriental Art

Floris van der Ven from Vanderven Oriental Art takes us on a tour around the spacious gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and shows us an exclusive behind the scenes in the life of an art dealer.
Vanderven Oriental Art, established in 1968, was one of the founding dealers of TEFAF and our proud to have participated since its inception. As an internationally renowned specialist in Chinese art, the he emphasis of the collection lies in Chinese ceramics - early pottery from the Han and Tang periods and porcelain from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. We also deal in an array of works of art including (archaic) bronzes, jades, glass, wooden and iron objects. Our collection is sourced from all over the world, particularly from private collections ensuring an outstanding provenance. Our magnificent library, large archives and continuous study, enable us continuously expand our knowledge, adding more depth to pieces in our collection.
“Vanderven Oriental Art has been part of TEFAF Maastricht since its inception. Clemens van der Ven was one of the fair’s founders and a firm believer in the potential and true magic of this unique fair. Our signature stand on the fairs main isle – has become a recognizable feature for many of the fair’s visitors.”
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The Vanderven Oriental Art Team
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