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In Their Munich Atelier, Hemmerle Champions Craftsmanship and Slow-Made Jewelry

Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle share the history behind the family company and the philosophies that inspire Hemmerle’s contemporary creations

Christian and Yasmin Hemmerle are the fourth generation at the helm of the jeweler Hemmerle in Munich. “Being the next generation of a traditional family company is exciting because you want to progress. You want to develop what’s [already] there, you want to use the foundation to create something great,” shares Christian. Hemmerle was founded in 1893 by Christian’s great-grandfather, creating ornaments and medals for the Bavarian Royal Court. The company turned to modern jewelry making with the generation of Christian’s parents, Stefan and Sylveli Hemmerle, who broke with traditional conventions by introducing new materials, such as wood and iron. The exploration of a wide range of materials remains a key element of Hemmerle’s creations today.

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Yasmin and Christian Hemmerle.

The creative process is a collaborative one and starts with the gemstone, Yasmin explains. “Everyone gathers around, saying what they want to do with it, which direction it should go. Then we start opening drawers and try to see what we have that would maybe work with the stone, or which ideas come up. We've been collecting artifacts from wherever we go. We have this little treasure trove and bring everything out on the table—once you have everything laid out, there’s an automatic pull towards a direction. The starting point is to be happy with the materials, that is the driving force behind what is then to transpire.”

The Hemmerles champion craftsmanship and the creation of slow-made jewelry in their atelier. They work together with goldsmiths that have been with the company for decades, as well as younger craftsmen and apprentices, creating a dynamic team that is experienced but never tired of learning new things. “It’s a place of constant innovation,” says Christian. “And having our own workshop provides also the guarantee to juggle the balance between staying true to yourself and trying to innovate—this is where a piece becomes a true, identifiable Hemmerle creation.”

Explore the atelier of Hemmerle as Christian and Yasmin share their personal stories and philosophy behind jewelry making in the latest video from TEFAF’s All Access series.

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Yasmin holding Hemmerle earrings, created with diamonds, bronze, and white gold.

Exhibitor: Hemmerle | Munich
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