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The Remarkable Stories Behind 5 Standout Works at TEFAF New York

From an ancient marble bust with art world provenance to a rare cabinet by Josef Frank, discover these favorites from the latest edition of TEFAF

At TEFAF New York, Per Knutås, head of conservation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, dives into the Montefiore Mainz Mahzor, a rare Hebrew illuminated manuscript and the first recipient of this year’s TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund, while Paul Jackson of Jacksons explores a rare cabinet by architect, artist, and designer Josef Frank that features a unique map by Georges Peltier that took 20 years to produce. Janine Cirincione of Sean Kelly discusses a recent portrait by Kehinde Wiley and the longstanding history and symbolism of the genre, and Leon Tovar of Leon Tovar Gallery tells the story of the prolific Latin American artist Joaquín Torres-García and the painting Constructivismo (TSF), a composition embodying a union between abstraction and figuration. Finally, Martin Clist of Charles Ede discusses a monumental Roman bust with a fascinating provenance.


Kehinde Wiley
Portrait of Jorge Gitoo Wright

Oil on canvas

Presented by Sean Kelly at TEFAF New York 2022.


Roman Monumental Head of a Man, Possibly Vespasian
circa 3rd century AD
Presented by Charles Ede at TEFAF New York 2022.


Josef Frank

Cabinet with Georges Peltier’s “Plan de Paris à vol d'oiseau”
circa 1937-43

Oak, brass, and leather

Presented by Jacksons at TEFAF New York 2022.


Montefiore Mainz Mahzor
circa 1310-20

Exhibited by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, at TEFAF New York 2022.


Joaquín Torres-García
Constructivismo (TSF)
Oil on canvas

Presented by Leon Tovar Gallery at TEFAF New York 2022.

Exhibitor: Jackson Design | Stockholm, Sean Kelly | New York, Leon Tovar Gallery | New York, Charles Ede | London
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