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Blum & Poe


Blum & Poe was founded by Tim Blum and Jeff Poe in Santa Monica in September of 1994 as a space to show local and international contemporary art in all media. Blum’s extensive experience in the Japanese art world combined with Poe’s keen knowledge of emerging artists in Los Angeles resulted in an international program of influential artists. Throughout a twenty-seven-year history, Blum & Poe has shaped the trajectory of contemporary art by championing artists at all stages of their careers—cultivating the lineages that run between emerging and established practices, and working with artist estates to generate new discourse surrounding historical work. Currently, Blum & Poe represents forty-eight artists and eight estates from sixteen countries worldwide.

In 2003 the gallery moved to a larger space in Culver City, and in 2009 Blum & Poe purchased and renovated its current 22,000 square foot complex on La Cienega Boulevard. In this location the gallery has since staged museum-caliber surveys, examining the historical work of such movements as the Japanese Mono-ha school (2012); the Korean Dansaekhwa monochrome painters (2014); the European postwar movement CoBrA (2015); Japanese art of 1980s and ‘90s (2019); a rereading of Brazilian Modernism (2019); and a revisionist take on the 1959 MoMA exhibition, New Images of Man (2020). To produce these exhibitions, Blum & Poe has worked with celebrated curators such as Alison M. Gingeras, Sofia Gotti, Joan Kee, and Mika Yoshitake.

In 2014, Blum & Poe opened galleries in New York and Tokyo to focus on intimately scaled projects in new contexts. These expansions tie into the gallery’s wide-reaching program that includes exhibitions, lectures, performance series, screenings, and an annual art book fair at its base in Los Angeles. Blum & Poe’s publishing division democratically circulates its program through original scholarship and accessible media ranging from academic monographs, audio series, magazines, to artists’ books. In 2020, the gallery launched Blum & Poe Broadcasts, an online platform showcasing artists’ projects in conjunction with physical installations or as stand alone digital endeavors.


Alvaro Barrington: 91–98 jfk–lax border
Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Mar 12–Apr 30, 2022
Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Mar 12–Apr 30, 2022
Aaron Garber-Maikovska: Cushion of Air
Blum & Poe, Tokyo
Mar 19–May 7, 2022
On view
Lynda Benglis: Excavation
Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
May 14–Jun 25, 2022
On view
Lauren Quin: Pulse Train Howl
Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
May 14–Jun 25, 2022


  • Alma Allen
  • Theodora Allen
  • Karel Appel
  • March Avery
  • Darren Bader
  • Alvaro Barrington
  • Lynda Benglis
  • JB Blunk
  • Mohamed Bourouissa
  • Pia Camil
  • Robert Colescott
  • Thornton Dial
  • Carroll Dunham
  • Sam Durant
  • Kōji Enokura
  • Anya Gallaccio
  • Aaron Garber-Maikovska
  • Tomoo Gokita
  • Sonia Gomes
  • Françoise Grossen
  • Mark Grotjahn
  • Ha Chong–hyun
  • Kazunori Hamana
  • Julian Hoeber
  • Lonnie Holley
  • Yukie Ishikawa
  • Matt Johnson
  • Susumu Koshimizu
  • Friedrich Kunath
  • Shio Kusaka
  • Kwon Young–woo
  • Mimi Lauter
  • Lee Ufan
  • Tony Lewis
  • Linder
  • Florian Maier–Aichen
  • Victor Man
  • Eddie Martinez
  • Paul Mogensen
  • Dave Muller
  • Kazumi Nakamura
  • Yoshitomo Nara
  • Asuka Anastacia Ogawa
  • Kenjirō Okazaki
  • Anna Park
  • Solange Pessoa
  • Harvey Quaytman
  • Umar Rashid
  • Matt Saunders
  • Hugh Scott–Douglas
  • Nobuo Sekine
  • Penny Slinger
  • Kishio Suga
  • Henry Taylor
  • Alexander Tovborg
  • Yukinori Yanagi
  • Yun Hyong–keun
  • Zhu Jinshi