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Bank of America & TEFAF: The Art World in the Digital Era
Evan Beard and Hidde van Seggelen in Conversation
TEFAF Online is only a few weeks away
What you need to know before venturing to its inaugural online fair
Mentink & Roest
Menno Hoencamp from Mentink & Roest shares a closer look inside this very rare clock by George Prior.
Collecting for Fun: An interview with Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani
Anderson Cooper only recently started collecting with Benjamin Maisani, who studied art history.
Mauritshuis Reunites Bridal Couple
Twenty years ago, the museum curators discovered that a pendant portrait originally belongs with Elisabeth’s portrait, depicting her fiancé: Jakob Omphalius. Would it ever be seen again? To the museum’s delight it recently turned up at Galerie De Jonckheere.
Art in Public: Redefining History, Memory, Identity
In 2018, the removal of Confederate monuments, both officially and through acts of resistance, and who and how to memorialize were our focus.
Modernity Stockholm
Take a look inside design gallery Modernity Sockholm. Andrew Duncanson, founder of Modernity Stockholm, talks about the history of Modernity, their locations in Stockholm and London and several highlighted objects.
Book of Hours from King Charles VIII with Les Enluminures
Sandra Hindman from Les Enluminures shares the intimate book of hours of King Charles VIII of France.
Japanese Glass Art by Niyoko Ikuta with Wahei Aoyama
A Lighthouse called Kanata, formerly known as Yufuku Gallery, was founded in 1993 to introduce contemporary Japanese art and aesthetics to a global audience.
The vetting process is one of the main pillars of TEFAF’s success for buyers to acquire art with confidence.
The Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Kaufmann Office for Victoria and Albert Museum
The office is unique in that it retains all of its original woodwork, furniture, carpets and upholstery textiles. It was designed by Wright for his most distinguished patron, department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann (1885–1955).
Interview with Patricia Cisneros
“I would encourage people to look deep into their souls” : Collector, Patricia Cisneros on responsibility to cultural history.
Lillian Nassau Rediscovers a Tiffany Fireplace Hood
The Morse Museum has dedicated most of its collection to the preservation of art, furniture and objects from Laurelton Hall, it seemed like the perfect fit for this highly important Tiffany masterpiece.
Tiffany’s Fireplace Hood Reunited with Treasures from Artist’s Home
Rarely do examples of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s (1848–1933) most personal, and arguably most creative, works of art come to the market. But, in the fall of 2019 Lillian Nassau LLC unveiled a Tiffany treasure at TEFAF.
“…packed with the utmost care and without the slightest damage…”
AXA XL: Safety in Art Transport
Interview with Jennifer Mass
Narrowing the Gap: Science and the Art Market.
Van Cleef & Arpels
President & CEO of Van Cleef & Arpels, Nicolas Bos, talks about the House’s Heritage collection and the place of jewelry being a form of Decorative Arts at TEFAF
Hemmerle’s aquamarine necklace
Christian Hemmerle from Hemmerle, shares about the details behind the craftsmanship of the blue aquamarine necklace showcased from TEFAF Maastricht 2020.
Retrieving Lost Identities: The Black Figure in Art, Past and Present
One of the most urgent and compelling topics shaping the art world today is the pictorial representation of the black figure— a complex and highly charged subject whose dynamics extend far beyond the studio, gallery, and classroom.
The Restoration of LACMA’s ‘Pieta’ by Melchor Pérez Holguín
Considering its age, the work is in good condition, but it requires a careful restoration, which is in progress under Joseph Fronek, Head of Paintings Conservation.
Judging Art: Vetting in the World’s Top Museums, Art Fairs and Collections
This panel of specialists reveals their own backstage stories about how certain outstanding objects were chosen and others eliminated and the difficult decision-making that is a part of the process.
Auguste Rodin : Eve’s despair after the fall of man
John Swarbrooke from Dickinson Gallery explains the beauty and play of light behind the cast of Auguste Rodin’s Eve.
Van Gogh in Paris with Hammer Gallery
Howard Shaw from Hammer Gallery shares what Van Gogh would have most likely seen when he visited Paris in 1886. This period of Van Gogh’s life is pivotal to his works as an artist.
Living with Chinese Art with Vanderven Oriental Art
Floris van der Ven from Vanderven Oriental Art takes us on a tour around the spacious gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and shows us an exclusive behind the scenes in the life of an art dealer.
Interview with Carrie Rebora Barratt
An offer so tantalizing she couldn’t refuse.