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Lead Sponsor New York
Charles Ede: Ancient Art Now
A gallery tour sharing works spanning a period of more than 3,000 years
What did collectors look at during TEFAF Online?
Some of the most-viewed artworks presented during the first digital fair
Petzel Gallery: A tour with Friedrich Petzel
Friedrich Petzel guides visitors through previous exhibitions at both galleries in New York.
Aronson Antiquairs
Five things to remember while enjoying Delftware
The Weiss Gallery: At home with Mark Weiss
Mark Weiss invites you to join him in a virtual visit at his magnificent gallery. With lofty ceilings, dedicated to the display of important works of art, this is one of the last remaining grand Old Master Portraits galleries left in London.
Civic Pride: The City as Collector
This discussion will explore what it means for a city to collect, or for a museum to collect objects relating to the history and artistic production of cities.
Mathematical Proportions and Openness of Form
Discover three works by Donald Judd
Old Masters, New Spaces: Historical Art in Modernist Buildings
This discussion will place the Frick’s venture in the context of other modernist spaces in which historical collections have been displayed.
Chapel Service: Sacred Spaces and Post-war Art
This conversation will explore the aesthetic and spiritual concerns of such projects, discussing their role in what is often described as a ‘post-religious’ world
Axel Vervoordt Company
Axel and Boris Vervoordt take viewers on a personal tour together with Anne Sophie Dusselier, as they detail the company’s diverse activities and philosophy behind Kanaal’s transformation.
Vases through the ages
From the 16th century to today, from Asia to Europe, discover seven highlights at TEFAF Online
Interview with Gary and Anita Klesch
“The number one rule is you have to fall in love with a painting.”
Meet the Experts
Bank of America & TEFAF: The Art World in the Digital Era
Evan Beard and Hidde van Seggelen in Conversation
TEFAF Online is only a few weeks away
What you need to know before venturing to its inaugural online fair
Mentink & Roest
Menno Hoencamp from Mentink & Roest shares a closer look inside this very rare clock by George Prior.
Collecting for Fun: An interview with Anderson Cooper & Benjamin Maisani
Anderson Cooper only recently started collecting with Benjamin Maisani, who studied art history.
Mauritshuis Reunites Bridal Couple
Twenty years ago, the museum curators discovered that a pendant portrait originally belongs with Elisabeth’s portrait, depicting her fiancé: Jakob Omphalius. Would it ever be seen again? To the museum’s delight it recently turned up at Galerie De Jonckheere.
Art in Public: Redefining History, Memory, Identity
In 2018, the removal of Confederate monuments, both officially and through acts of resistance, and who and how to memorialize were our focus.
Modernity Stockholm
Take a look inside design gallery Modernity Sockholm. Andrew Duncanson, founder of Modernity Stockholm, talks about the history of Modernity, their locations in Stockholm and London and several highlighted objects.
Book of Hours from King Charles VIII with Les Enluminures
Sandra Hindman from Les Enluminures shares the intimate book of hours of King Charles VIII of France.
Japanese Glass Art by Niyoko Ikuta with Wahei Aoyama
A Lighthouse called Kanata, formerly known as Yufuku Gallery, was founded in 1993 to introduce contemporary Japanese art and aesthetics to a global audience.
The vetting process is one of the main pillars of TEFAF’s success for buyers to acquire art with confidence.
The Restoration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s The Kaufmann Office for Victoria and Albert Museum
The office is unique in that it retains all of its original woodwork, furniture, carpets and upholstery textiles. It was designed by Wright for his most distinguished patron, department store owner Edgar J. Kaufmann (1885–1955).
Interview with Patricia Cisneros
“I would encourage people to look deep into their souls” : Collector, Patricia Cisneros on responsibility to cultural history.