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Prolific Women Collectors and the Museums They Made

Produced in partnership with Apollo, explore the lives, collections, and legacies of Alice de Rothschild, Helene Kröller-Müller, and Marjorie Merriweather Post

What Does the Future Hold for Art Fairs?

Four experts discuss future directions and possibilities for art fairs in this conversation from TEFAF Online 2021, produced in partnership with the Financial Times

Civic Pride: The City as Collector

This discussion will explore what it means for a city to collect, or for a museum to collect objects relating to the history and artistic production of cities.

Old Masters, New Spaces: Historical Art in Modernist Buildings

This discussion will place the Frick’s venture in the context of other modernist spaces in which historical collections have been displayed.

Chapel Service: Sacred Spaces and Post-war Art

This conversation will explore the aesthetic and spiritual concerns of such projects, discussing their role in what is often described as a ‘post-religious’ world

Art in Public: Redefining History, Memory, Identity

In 2018, the removal of Confederate monuments, both officially and through acts of resistance, and who and how to memorialize were our focus.

Retrieving Lost Identities: The Black Figure in Art, Past and Present

One of the most urgent and compelling topics shaping the art world today is the pictorial representation of the black figure— a complex and highly charged subject whose dynamics extend far beyond the studio, gallery, and classroom.

Judging Art: Vetting in the World’s Top Museums, Art Fairs and Collections

This panel of specialists reveals their own backstage stories about how certain outstanding objects were chosen and others eliminated and the difficult decision-making that is a part of the process.

Stone and Faith: Rebuilding Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s reconstruction whether viewed through a spiritual, aesthetic, or historic lens, will continue to fascinate and frustrate us. It will also yield practical lessons about a host of preservation, heritage, and its institutional role in the city itself.