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Mentink & Roest
Menno Hoencamp from Mentink & Roest shares a closer look inside this very rare clock by George Prior.
Book of Hours from King Charles VIII with Les Enluminures
Sandra Hindman from Les Enluminures shares the intimate book of hours of King Charles VIII of France.
Japanese Glass Art by Niyoko Ikuta with Wahei Aoyama
A Lighthouse called Kanata, formerly known as Yufuku Gallery, was founded in 1993 to introduce contemporary Japanese art and aesthetics to a global audience.
The vetting process is one of the main pillars of TEFAF’s success for buyers to acquire art with confidence.
Lillian Nassau Rediscovers a Tiffany Fireplace Hood
The Morse Museum has dedicated most of its collection to the preservation of art, furniture and objects from Laurelton Hall, it seemed like the perfect fit for this highly important Tiffany masterpiece.
“…packed with the utmost care and without the slightest damage…”
AXA XL: Safety in Art Transport
Interview with Jennifer Mass
Narrowing the Gap: Science and the Art Market.
Hemmerle’s aquamarine necklace
Christian Hemmerle from Hemmerle, shares about the details behind the craftsmanship of the blue aquamarine necklace showcased from TEFAF Maastricht 2020.
Auguste Rodin : Eve’s despair after the fall of man
John Swarbrooke from Dickinson Gallery explains the beauty and play of light behind the cast of Auguste Rodin’s Eve.
Van Gogh in Paris with Hammer Gallery
Howard Shaw from Hammer Gallery shares what Van Gogh would have most likely seen when he visited Paris in 1886. This period of Van Gogh’s life is pivotal to his works as an artist.