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Discovered at TEFAF, A Sculpture of King Louis XIV’s First Surgeon Returns to Versailles

Follow the journey of this masterful bust by French sculptor Girardon from its acquisition at TEFAF to its homecoming at Versailles

Discover the Stories Behind American Museums’ Most Treasured Pieces

Bank of America’s new Masterpiece Moment video series is its latest initiative to support cultural institutions and make art more accessible

“A Curator’s Dream”: How a Belgian Art Nouveau Choker Found Its New Home in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Acquired at TEFAF, the one-of-a-kind Wisteria “Glycines” Choker is indisputably jewelry designer Philippe Wolfers’s most important creation

A Visionary Commode by Italian Cabinetmaker Piffetti Joins the Collection of the Met

Acquired by a collector from antiques dealer BURZIO. at TEFAF, the commode by Pietro Piffetti is now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

5 Masterpieces Acquired by Museums at TEFAF

Which artworks presented during previous fairs entered public collections this year?

Rare Diamond Ring Acquired at TEFAF

DIVA Museum Adds a Mysterious 17th Century Ring to Its Collection

Mauritshuis Reunites Bridal Couple

Twenty years ago, the museum curators discovered that a pendant portrait originally belongs with Elisabeth’s portrait, depicting her fiancé: Jakob Omphalius. Would it ever be seen again? To the museum’s delight it recently turned up at Galerie De Jonckheere.

Tiffany’s Fireplace Hood Reunited with Treasures from Artist’s Home

Rarely do examples of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s (1848–1933) most personal, and arguably most creative, works of art come to the market. But, in the fall of 2019 Lillian Nassau LLC unveiled a Tiffany treasure at TEFAF.