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Hogarth’s Original Intent Is Revealed Following Restoration of These Husband-and-Wife Pendants at the Worcester Art Museum

The portraits were the first paintings by the artist in a U.S. collection and until the restoration in 2013 supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund, had not received treatment in over a century

Once Hidden by Whistler in His Studio, This Portrait Reappears in Its Full Glory After Restoration

The TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund supported the restoration of “The Girl in the White Muslin Dress,” which now shines permanently in the galleries of Singer Laren

Restoration of Egyptian Coffins Brings to Life the Work of Craftsmen Living More than Two Millennia Ago

The TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund supported the restoration of three coffin sets from the collection of the Rijksmuseum voor Oudheden, which were discovered near the Valley of Kings in 1891

This Painting by Zurbarán Conveys Its Powerful Message Again After Conservation

Conservators utilized various techniques adapted to individual sections of Zurbarán’s ”Saint Francis” in this extensive conservation at the Kunstpalast, supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Found in Hundreds of Pieces, New Technologies Reconstructed This Delicate Tower of Nanjing

Digital techniques and 3D printing were of importance for this restoration at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes, supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Early Masterpiece by Zurbarán Mesmerizes After Restoration at the Wadsworth Atheneum

The Baroque painting conveys its spiritual intensity once more after restoration supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Rembrandt’s Brushstrokes Are Revealed after Restoration of This Portrait from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The quality and beauty of this unknown woman are uncovered after restoration supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Conservation Reveals Joshua Reynolds’ Process and Techniques in this Portrait from The Wallace Collection

The artist’s painting “Miss Nelly O’Brien” charms visitors anew after conservation supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Victoria & Albert Museum: The Restoration Of The Kaufmann Office By Frank Lloyd Wright

Through the restoration process, the V&A will gain insight into how the office was constructed and this information will be of interest to expert conservators around the world.

Lacma: The Restoration of ‘Pieta’ by Melchor Pérez Holguin

Considering its age, the work is in good condition, but it requires a careful restoration, which is in progress under Joseph Fronek, Head of Paintings Conservation.

National Gallery London: The Restoration of Van Dyck’s Equestrian Portrait of Charles I

Learn how it took a small army of people to clean, repair and restore one of the National Gallery’s largest paintings:

Volkenkunde Museum: Restoring The Kawahara Keiga Screen

Restorient invites you inside their studio to give you an exclusive view of the Kawahara Keiga screen during its restoration.