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Rembrandt’s Brushstrokes Are Revealed after Restoration of This Portrait from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

The quality and beauty of this unknown woman are uncovered after restoration supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

Step Into the Eclectic Home of Antique Dealers Ollivier and Gladys Chenel

As a family with deep roots in the art world, the Chenels share how they now live with art, antiques, and design in their Paris home

TAFETA Founder Ayo Adeyinka on Bringing Modern African Art to the Market

Adeyinka shares the story behind his gallery and contemporary artists to know

A Visionary Commode by Italian Cabinetmaker Piffetti Joins the Collection of the Met

Acquired by a collector from antiques dealer BURZIO. at TEFAF, the commode by Pietro Piffetti is now on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Inside Art Dealer Niels de Boer’s 17th-Century House on Amsterdam’s Historic Canal

Step into the Old Master dealer’s art-filled gallery, foundation, and private family home

Asian Antiques Dealer Runjeet Singh on His First Time Exhibiting at TEFAF

Singh shares the experience of his first fair and explores his fascination with antique arms and armor

Conservation Reveals Joshua Reynolds’ Process and Techniques in this Portrait from The Wallace Collection

The artist’s painting “Miss Nelly O’Brien” charms visitors anew after conservation supported by the TEFAF Museum Restoration Fund

5 Masterpieces Acquired by Museums at TEFAF

Which artworks presented during previous fairs entered public collections this year?

Inside the Parisian Home of Art Dealer Xavier Eeckhout

How the animal sculpture specialist and his family live with an eclectic collection of art

Re-Defining Genius

The evolving story of women in art

What We Talk About When We Talk About Art Deco

From Art Deco’s luxurious displays to modernist designs

Rare Diamond Ring Acquired at TEFAF

DIVA Museum Adds a Mysterious 17th Century Ring to Its Collection

The Art De Vivre of Renzo Mongiardino and Federico Forquet

Alessandra Di Castro and Martina Mondadori on two Italian grand decorators

Interior Decorator Remy Renzullo Reminiscing His First Time At TEFAF

The mirrors that got away

How TEFAF Came To Be

From the archives: Looking back at the early days of the fair

8 Female TEFAF Exhibitors And The Women That Inspire Them

From ancient art to design, eight women look back at their inspirations

What Can Galleries Learn From Online Collectors?

Exploring the potential of the digital art market from a consumer perspective

A Profound Reverence for the past Meets Todays Daring Experiments

Join Michael Goedhuis as he illustrates the importance of ink painting in the cultural surge happening in China

Friedman Benda: At the Cutting Edge of Contemporary Design

The gallery’s contemporary platform promotes leading creative thinkers and makers and creates opportunities to advance new and evolving connections within the global design community.

Charles Ede: Ancient Art Now

A gallery tour sharing works spanning a period of more than 3,000 years

What Did Collectors Look at during TEFAF Online?

Some of the most-viewed artworks presented during the first digital fair

Petzel Gallery: A tour with Friedrich Petzel

Friedrich Petzel guides visitors through previous exhibitions at both galleries in New York.

Aronson Antiquairs

Five things to remember while enjoying Delftware

The Weiss Gallery: At home with Mark Weiss

Mark Weiss invites you to join him in a virtual visit at his magnificent gallery. With lofty ceilings, dedicated to the display of important works of art, this is one of the last remaining grand Old Master Portraits galleries left in London.

Civic Pride: The City as Collector

This discussion will explore what it means for a city to collect, or for a museum to collect objects relating to the history and artistic production of cities.