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Retrieving Lost Identities: The Black Figure in Art, Past and Present
One of the most urgent and compelling topics shaping the art world today is the pictorial representation of the black figure— a complex and highly charged subject whose dynamics extend far beyond the studio, gallery, and classroom.
The Restoration of LACMA’s ‘Pieta’ by Melchor Pérez Holguín
Considering its age, the work is in good condition, but it requires a careful restoration, which is in progress under Joseph Fronek, Head of Paintings Conservation.
Judging Art: Vetting in the World’s Top Museums, Art Fairs and Collections
This panel of specialists reveals their own backstage stories about how certain outstanding objects were chosen and others eliminated and the difficult decision-making that is a part of the process.
Auguste Rodin : Eve’s despair after the fall of man
John Swarbrooke from Dickinson Gallery explains the beauty and play of light behind the cast of Auguste Rodin’s Eve.
Van Gogh in Paris with Hammer Gallery
Howard Shaw from Hammer Gallery shares what Van Gogh would have most likely seen when he visited Paris in 1886. This period of Van Gogh’s life is pivotal to his works as an artist.
Living with Chinese Art with Vanderven Oriental Art
Floris van der Ven from Vanderven Oriental Art takes us on a tour around the spacious gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands and shows us an exclusive behind the scenes in the life of an art dealer.
Interview with Carrie Rebora Barratt
An offer so tantalizing she couldn’t refuse.
Stone and Faith: Rebuilding Notre Dame
Notre Dame’s reconstruction whether viewed through a spiritual, aesthetic, or historic lens, will continue to fascinate and frustrate us. It will also yield practical lessons about a host of preservation, heritage, and its institutional role in the city itself.