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Bank of America & TEFAF: The Art World in the Digital Era
Evan Beard and Hidde van Seggelen in Conversation
  Oct 20, 2020
What are the challenges of organizing an art fair in the current environment? How do fairs adjust their business models? And how does TEFAF, with its 30 year history, evolve its approach to fairs? Listen to the conversation between Evan Beard, National Art Services Executive at Bank of America, and Hidde van Seggelen, Chairman of the Executive Committee at TEFAF, as they explore these questions, and address how TEFAF Online is serving its art community.
“Digital strategies and how we implement are here to stay. Digital fairs will go hand in hand in with our physical events, and I am ever so grateful for Bank of America for their continued support in us during this challenging time.” - Hidde van Seggelen
Evan Beard, National Art Services Executive, Bank of America
Hidde van Seggelen, Chairman Executive Committee, TEFAF