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TEFAF New York offers a rich programming that connects you with leading experts from the TEFAF global art community. TEFAF Programming aims to foster conversations between some of the world’s most illustrious minds, covering industry insights and inspiring new and experienced art collectors and lovers.

Past Programs

The Dynamics of Art Collecting Today

Produced in partnership with Bank of America, this panel explores the drivers and challenges of developing a collecting strategy, establishing and growing a collection, and leveraging one’s collection in dynamic ways

The Future of Art Fairs

Produced in partnership with the Financial Times, this panel explores the place of art fairs now that they are back. What have we learned and what could come next?

Cultural Emergency Response: First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Crisis

Produced in partnership with the Prince Claus Fund, this panel discusses the urgent need and practicalities of the protection of culture in crisis situations

At the Dawn of a New Age: Early 20th Century American Modernism

Produced in partnership with Apollo Magazine, this panel takes as a starting point a recent exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art and explores how modernists used abstraction in response to the realities of a rapidly modernizing world

Celebrating One of the Great Abstract Painters: A Tribute to Carmen Herrera’s Legacy

Produced in partnership with Apollo Magazine, this panel looks at the story of Herrera’s rise to art world fame and the workings of museums and the market

Sustainability and the Arts: Museums and Public Institution Practices

Produced in partnership with AAMC, this panel discusses the art world’s efforts towards sustainable and climate-conscious modes of working